A Lazy Saturday, A new Perspective

After a busy week, a lazy Saturday is one of our favorite days. Early last Saturay afternoon we began talking about plans for the day. My husband, who has very little time to himself, said he could relax, play a video game or watch TV. Our daughter said she’d like to make bracelets. I excitedly said, “If you two do that, I want to make cards!”

Before I made cards, I reminisced! I hadn’t crafted for about a year and decided to look through a small box of handmade cards. Most were over 10 years old. Why hadn’t I sent them? Probably because I was a scrapbooker and didn’t think as much about cards. What a shame. After all, cards in a box are just wasted paper.
Note: I didn’t make the Sharing the Magic card. It was made by Deb, whose talent for creating beautiful layouts always amazes me!!!!

Some cards are C.A.S.E.’d, and other cards are my original designs. Can you guess which original design is one of my contest winners?

I’d like to share how God has been working on my heart. I recently read First Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” I asked myself…how am I encouraging and building others up today?” Sure, my friends and I have wonderful conversations, but is it enough?

The “is it enough?” question was answered when a friend, who didn’t receive cards after surgery, reminded me of something important. Phone calls end, meals get eaten, visitors leave, but a card is something to look at and reread when no one else is around. I was convinced. Card making isn’t just a craft to enjoy, it’s a gift to others.

I immediately made 5 cards.

I thought of my daughter who works two jobs and goes to college full time to fulfill her dreams. A card will let her know we’re thinking about her and cheering for her. Our future Marine Biologist loves turtles and loved the card.

I made a happy card for my sweet Mother-in Law who was recovering from an injury. She is always so good about sending us cards so I wanted to send her one.

Then I made 2 Birthday cards Again, Pinterest ideas.

Last, a Valentine Card for my Honey. It’s been a thing in our family to use puns, and the sillier, the better. (This is all thanks to our youngest). I knew I had to make this card because the inside says, “I’ll love you gnome matter what.” Get it? I’m sure you smiled.

Yes, a sweet, lazy Saturday caused me to look at crafting in a different way. I decided to go through my supplies and found it was time to replenish. My inks have lasted a long time, but they need replaced, my cardstock and paper stashes are running low…and I really want to try the new alcohol markers people are raving about. I need to order a catalog.

Oh, my husband beat his game, our daughter made some wonderful bracelets, and we enjoyed popcorn and a movie together. It was a relaxing end to a wonderful day!

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