“You’re Rawrsome!”

Children are fascinated with dinosaurs. For that matter, I am too. The other day, I saw a deer in our yard and wondered what it would be like if, instead of a deer, it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Our grandson knows so many dinosaurs by name and teaches his sister and us what is special about each one. Needless to say, the Dinosaur DSP, Dino Days Stamp Set and Dies, was immediately put on a wish list. I said nothing to my oldest daughter, the mom of “dino boy”. I was going to surprise her.

Not long after ordering the dinosaur items, mom of “dino boy’ sent a text. She was so excited because some clothes she ordered for the kids had arrived. I had no idea she had ordered clothes. She sent pictures and I got excited for her. She enjoys taking photos and … well, look below…do you see what I first saw?

The colors couldn’t have matched better even if we planned it!

Note: I think it’s safe to say that Stampin’ Up stays up to date by giving us 5 new colors each year. These are called In Colors. There are 40 colors grouped by Brights, Regals, Subtles and Neutrals. In addition to the 40 there are 2 groups of 5 colors that are called “In Colors”. The In Colors are up-to-date, trendy colors that come and go. The clothes show how nice it is to have trendy color options.

The scrapbooker in me is thinking about layouts. I’ll post them here when i get them done. But, please keep in mind, that they will look unfinished. That’s because they are. I make the base layout and leave room for my daughter toadd her personal touches such as a title and what block to use for journaling ,etc. It works out well.

(I finally made the layouts on June 4th, 2020)

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