October 2020 Paper Pumpkin Alternatives And Tutorial

I look forward o receiving the paper Pumpkin kit every month. This month, I changed the cards a little, but made a mistake on one card and one envelope. Instead of throwing them away, I turned it into a gift card/tea bag holder. The tutorial is below.

Alternate Card #1
Alternate Card #2

Gift Card/ Tea Bag Holder Tutorial
I used an old sample and turned my mistakes ito another project. I had to adjust the measurements from the sample in order to use the items I had.

Step 1

Keep the gold-foiled front of the original card base in mind and cut to 7 1/2″ x 3 1/2″. Place horizontally and score at 3 5/8″ and 3 7/8″. Use the items in the Paper Pumpkin Kit todecorate your new front. (I chose to use Shaded Spruce ink instead of Jade, but Jade will work well.)

Step 2

Open the envelope at the sides so that you see the inside of the envelope. Cut the white off at the bottom using the red for a guideline. Trim the sides off so you have only 1/2″ of white left on each side.

Step 3

(This is the envelope I messed up). Fold the envelope flap down s you see the red words.

Step 4

Fold the bottom of the envelope up to cover the white on the envelope flap and use a very thin line of adhesive to adhere shut. You want to make sure it stays open for gift cards and tea bags.

Step 5

Cut 2 strips of Whisper White cardstock measuring 6″ x 1/2″ and stamp, using the stamps in the Paper Pumpkin kit.

Step 6

Adhere the 6″ x 1/2″ stamped strip to the edges of the folded envelope. Be very careful where you place the adhesive because you don’t want to adhere the edges shut.

(Gift holder after the side strips are adhered.)

Step 7

Match the center of the gift card holder to the center of the base. Using a paper punch or a piercing tool make one hole near the top and one hole near the bottom in both the base and the holder.

Step 8

Cut a Whisper White strip that is 3″ x 1/4″ and stamp. Adhere this strip to the center of the holder and cut off the access. Using the holes you just made as guides, punch holes in the center strip to match.

Step 9

The Paper Pumpkin Kit came with linen thread. Use this thread. Double the thread and cut to 13 “. Feed one end through the top hole in the center. Feed the other end through the bottom on the inside. Tie a bow on the outside to hold together

Use this holder for two gift cards, or a gift card and tea bag. Maybe you want to use one side for a gift, and the other for a note. It’s a versatile project which can be used for any special occassion.

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