Poinsettia Petals

Judie is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met. I’ve had a couple of difficult months due to insomnia, incorrect thyroid levels, and other obligations. During that time, she made several Christmas cards. She said it best when she said, “Several people can have the same stamp set and each card they make will still be unique.” Her cards are excellent examples of how to personalize a card for the intended recipient.

A person of tradition will love this card made with the Christmas colors of red and green.

Do you know someone who likes to keep up with fads? They will love the vellum poinsettia. it sets beautifully on a snowflake embossed background.

Those who prefer the softer and lighter things in life will love this romantic look.

This card is perfect for those who love monochromatic things. The gold embossed background adds a special touch.

.Use the Merry Melody embossing folder and a Christmas Carol sentiment for the musical people you know

You can’t go wrong with white on white. It’s ideal for those who prefer things to be elegant and sophisticated.

.What a fantastic set of cards to show the versatility of Poinsettia Petals. Thank you, Judie.

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